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L'hyperformance inspirée

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The thermal comfort specialist

Generate the terms
of the Energy Transition

Spécialiste du confort thermique Spécialiste du confort thermique

The Muller Group is a recognized manufacturer who creates and manufactures in France, solutions and materials for the home and commercial heating. The main strength and quality of the Group is the continuous will to improve and to innovate in order to achieve a simple target: comfort and energy savings. The Group benefits from several European leading research centres which design products whose performances are well above the requirements of the standards. With a wide programme of technological innovating solutions that match any source of renewable energy, the Muller Group is able to offer an appropriate response to the challenges of the mastering of the energy consumption and well-being in general.

strakes innovate build answer stimulate incite commit promote

The strakes

• Fight against global warming
• Cut CO2 emissions by 4 by 2050
• Reduce imports of fossil fuels

R & D SERVICES of Group Muller constantly work on multi-energy solutions: renewable energy, "smart grid ready" product, energy storage and home energy management tools.

ENERGY KNOW-HOW: Muller Group’s expertise is a guarantee for a smooth transition from multiple sources: electricity, gas, biofuel, aerothermal and geothermal heat pumps, district heating, fuel cells.


THE MULLER GROUP IS THE THERMAL COMFORT SPECIALIST The main strength and quality of the Group is its permanent commitment to improve and to innovate in order to move towards a simple and virtuous goal - comfort and energy savings.

With a package of innovative, technological solutions that are adapted to different renewable sources of energy, the Muller Group is in a position to provide a relevant response to the problems of controlling energy consumption and providing well-being in general.

EXCHANGES WITH OUR PARTNERS, both public and private, foster the development of smart grid networks that can handle peak consumption and provide energy storage solutions to answer the problem of intermittent availability of renewable energies on the grid.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT concerns all our areas of expertise including users in order to raise awareness and incite an eco-responsible behavior:

• User-friendly and integrated energy management interfaces.
• Network management systems for the urban mesh and regional networks

IMPROVING COMFORT and reducing consumption naturally lead us to propose innovative thermal solution from all energy sources, for a smooth transition.


6 PRODUCTION SITES IN FRANCE boost local and regional activity, and contribute to the safeguard our unique know-how.

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René Teurquetil is a discreet person, a hard worker, who has built the Muller Group over the years. Starting point was the family household appliance repair workshop in the early 1950s. The voltage change, from 110 to 220w, requiring the modification of the home appliances, is a new challenge for the company. Creation of the Companies Muller & Co and Teurquetil & Co, construction of the first factory at Fismes (Champagne region). After having developed a similar activity in the gas field, René Teurquetil is looking for new markets. In 1970, the Noirot Company, specialized in electric heating appliance is purchased. A new factory is built in Laon. Quality products bringing real benefit in terms of comfort and energy consumption are privileged.

Over the years, the Muller Group expands through a series of acquisitions: Camp, from 1978, promotes quality radiant heaters, Applimo in 1979, Auer in 1982 (gas appliances), Chaufelec , Airelec and, more recently, France Energies for the renewable energies. The leading policy is to maintain the identity of each trademark while reinforcing their industrial and technical means.

The Group expands abroad: creation of the Convectair branch in Canada and purchase of the Nobo Company in Norway. Innovation and quality obsession, generated by René Teurquetil, has led the Muller Group, through the Gifam professional syndicate, to move the energy efficiency standards towards a high level of requirement.


Research & developpement

Imagine, device and develop solutions
in the service of energetic transitions's well-being

Spécialiste du confort thermique Spécialiste du confort thermique

5 specialized

Selected Content

for improvement
in well-being

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and skills of the companies
of the Muller Group

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5 centres de recherche spécialisée 1 5 centres de recherche spécialisée 2 5 centres de recherche spécialisée 3

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPPEMENT are in the heart of the Muller Group strategy. The huge improvements made during the latest decades in terms of comfort and energy savings result from technological innovations developed in our laboratories.

THE STRENGTH OF TH MULLER GROUP: 5 European-leading research centres in the thermal comfort activity. Each year, they develop technological innovations that are patented at national and international levels.

5 centres de recherche spécialisée 1 5 centres de recherche spécialisée 2 5 centres de recherche spécialisée 3

Resources matching ambitions are the guideline of the R&D departments. Investments are continuously increasing. Improvements or renewing of the material as well as spaces for experimentation, enlargement of the laboratories… This commitment is our guaranty of independence and the best way for developing our multiple skills. It proves the will of the Muller Group to contribute to the energy transition building. The Muller Group participates to the change progress launched by France at the national level and, more broadly, at the world level

THE COMMITMENT OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PARTNERS, alongside the Muller Group, to the development of promising projects within the frame of the energy transition shows the confidence of the public and professional partners in our serious approach.

Our laboratories are certified by the LCIE. They enable us to perform all quality tests. Thanks to our recognition, we work with leading universities and we receive researchers, teachers and doctoral students.

Le savoir-faire et les compétences de nos sociétés 1 Le savoir-faire et les compétences de nos sociétés 2 Le savoir-faire et les compétences de nos sociétés 3

THANKS THEIR CLOSE FIELDS OF APPLICATION, the trademarks of the Group benefits from the results of the researches conducted by the companies of the Muller Group, in various matters. Thus, they benefit from the necessary information to be at the forefront of the innovation in terms of comfort and energy savings.

THE COMPLEMENTARITY OF THE KNOW-HOW and the synergy inside the Muller Group is the necessary strength to bring lasting solutions to the problems of the energy transition

Carte Muller

5 research centres of the Muller Group

• Laon (Aisne)
• Fismes (Marne)
• Feuquières-en-Vimeu (Somme)
• La Ferté-Bernard (Sarthe)
• Changé (Mayenne)

Research and developpement focus

• Thermal and acoustic comfort and air quality
• Environment and sustainable development
• Renewable energies
• Energy storage
• Intelligence and communication
• Design and ergonomics


Innovative solutions

Innovative thermal comfort solutions
for a successful energy transition

Solutions innovantes Solutions innovantes

Our thermal
comfort solutions

OUR THERMAL COMFORT SOLUTIONS to accompany the energy transition are now a reality. The Muller Group offers products and solutions adapted to the needs and specificities of multiple sectors.

The result of a bold strategy in Research and Development (R & D) in efficient and sustainable solutions, we ensure the performant production of radiators, heat pumps, thermodynamic water heaters, high efficiency boilers, 4-in-1 systems and solar solutions from our various production sites in France.

THE PROMISING RESULTS OF OUR CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS in fuel cell development, cogeneration, hybrid power systems and energy storage solutions are our drivers, our commitment to the future.

Act efficiently
to meet specific needs

With a bouquet of technological and innovative solutions adapted to different sources of renewable energy, the Muller Group is able to provide an adequate and immediate response to the problems of managing energy consumption.

Produits conectés

Connected product

Chauffe-eau thermodynamique et à stockage thermique

water heaters

Radiateurs performants et communicants

Efficient electric

Pompes à chaleur haute-performance

heat pumps

Systèmes 4 en 1 Chauffage-Rafraîchissement VMC - Eau chaude sanitaire

A 4 in 1
multi-service system

Chaudières gaz et cogénération

Efficient pulsatory gas boiler

Radiateurs à stockage thermique

Clever thermal
storage solutions

Systèmes solaires

Solar solution

We ensure that all our equipment is connected among one another, easily controllable, and with the possibilty to be open to the outside world.


that collect the necessary free calories from the ambient air with a high coefficient of performance. It is the ideal solution for new builds.

• Also available in small volume (100 to 150 liters) to adapt to any surface.
• Opportunity to store energy, using an electrical backup when necessary.


with ultra-precise electronic controls and an unparalleled quality in heat emission.


with high coefficients of performance, capable of taking in free calories from the air, from water circuits or heat network, and feed them back in to heat buildings. Heat pumps can store energy (hot or cold).

Low temperature heat pumps for underfloor heating.
High temperature heat pumps for radiators.


with a high coefficient of performance is the ideal solution to meet the different needs of buildings

• Heating
• Cooling automatic & free via air exhaust
• A double flow CMV
(Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) with passive heat recovery
• Domestic Hot Water (DHW) produced by a thermodynamic (heat pump) cycle


HIGH EFFICIENCY PULSATORY GAS BOILER, this is the perfect technological solution for high yields with a small footprint.

• Heater in stainless steel Low temperature exhaust fumes. • Easily installed in simple form or in a cascade.


of renewable, intermittent and traditional energies. Energies are stored when they are produced and/or when offered at attractive prices This is a convenient technological solution, reactive and low-priced enabling the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies in private homes and commercial buildings


that uses the (free) radiant energy from the sun to heat water which, combined with a thermodynamic water heater, ensures up to 90% of domestic hot water production.

Products for the energy transition designed,
developed and manufactured in our factories in France


Our trademarks

The companies of the group
contribute to the energy transition

Airelec Airelec Applimo, créateur de confort Applimo, créateur de confort Auer Auer Campa, les radiateurs d'exception Campa, les radiateurs d'exception Noirot Noirot France énergie France énergie Convectair Convectair Concorde Design Concorde Design Chaufelec Chaufelec

Our trademarks are the cornerstone of our marketing policy. They guarantee a close relationship with our professional clients and our users. Beyond their competences and their know-how, each trademark bears its history, its expertise, its culture and its momentum. The Muller Group develops a multi-trademark strategy and comprises several major trademarks

A know-how with an international outlook


The Muller group is an international industrial group. With a commercial presence in 56 countries, six factories and a branch in Canada, the Muller Group is the sole French integrated manufacturer and is a leading word actor in the field of housing heating and comfort. Its multi-energy culture shows the commitment of an industrial group that has developed the tools and acquired the means that enable to match the technical, climatic and cultural requirements of any region and country. Thanks to its trademarks and to his knowledge of the markets, the Muller Group has the resources for improving the development of efficient appliances which match any needs and any market segment.





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